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Re-imagining Health with Chronobiotics

Restoring circadian rhythms with chronobiotics, offers an entirely new approach to health.

Chronobiotics (n);  
An agent capable of therapeutically , adjusting circadian r
hythms , by shifting the phase or increasing the amplitude of the circadian rhythms.

We are a clinical-stage, global biotechnology company focused on developing first-in- class therapeutics, poised to transform the health & wellbeing of millions of lives.


Circadian Rhythms, present in most cells, influence every aspect of physiology including inflammation, bio-energetics, neurologic & metabolic health.



Circadian clock disruptions caused by age and environmental factors, lead to a myriad of health problems including; cognitive decline, depression, weight gain,  skin inflammation  and more. 

By binding to the cellular receptors that control the clock genes, DeepSense naturally derived compounds, are able to restore aging circadian rhythms back to their youthful, natural state.


Preventing age-related decline may come down to modulating the clock 

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Unlocking the Power of Natural Compounds to Restore Circadian Rhythms for Better Health & Longevity

Until now, the health benefits of flavonoids have been unrealized due to the poor bioavailability of most flavonoids. Many natural products face a similar challenge.


Using our technology, we are able to enhance n extremely rare subclass of flavonoids that come exclusively from the peel of citrus fruits into an active compound.


By improving bioavailability, and other properties we are able to take advantage of the vast therapeutic benefits to solve some of the world's most difficult health problems.



Case study:  Skin Inflammation  


Solutions to improve on the physical, mental and cognitive characteristics of aging.

DeepSense applications are designed to help ward health problems such as weight gain, depression, and cognitive decline associated with aging.

Skin Health

Skin Health

Reduce skin inflammation, and improve markers of skin health

Mental Health

Mental Health

Improve feelings of lonileness, depression & anxiety)

Weight Management

Weight Management

Balancing metabolic pathways and microbiome to address; obesity, metabolic features, cardio health, bone loss, & more

Immune Heaalth

Immune Heaalth

Products that inhibit supporting health of individuals with long covid, IBS, and more. Inhibition of COX2 and IL6 like steroids but safer,

Delay onset of Cognitive and Physical Decline

Delay onset of Cognitive and Physical Decline

Prevent and slow down progression of neurodegenerative diseases, i.e., Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s disease, brain fog

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