DeepSense Biotechnologies

Using Natural Products to Reverse Aging

At DeepSense, we focus on the research and development of naturally derived  dermatologic products to improve health and reverse the effects of aging.

For us, your skin is much more than an outer protective layer of the body. Your skin is a window to your underlying health. Almost every health condition initially appears in the skin.  As your largest organ, your skin provides early warning signals and can also be used to safely prevent and treat chronic conditions. 

Our products are extracted and purified from botanicals which form the basis of plants defense systems against external threats.  They act as "deep sensors" to  modulate your biological clock.  By resetting your biological clock it is possible to restore your immune health, fight inflammation and reverse aging.

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Controlling the Innate Immune System

The innate immune system is our first line of defense against infectious organisms such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi. The innate immune system also helps to initiate the necessary steps of wound healing. When infection occurs, specific cells first identify the agent, then trigger a signaling cascade resulting in activation, proliferation, and accumulation of both immune cells and immune signaling chemicals. From there, B cells and T cells belonging to the more specific adaptive immune system are activated, killing the infected cells. The immune system mechanism is generally highly efficient, allowing for constant surveillance, protection, and even prevention, as demonstrated by vaccination. However, overactivity of the immune response can result in auto-inflammatory diseases and conditions (such as acute respiratory distress syndrome or psoriasis), auto-immune diseases (such as type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis or or multiple sclerosis), or prolonged pro-inflammatory states which are fertile ground for cardiovascular disease, malignancy, neurodegenerative disease, and more. It may therefore be necessary to modulate the immune response so that it is able to fight invaders while also dampening  it before it causes irreversible damage.


At DeepSense, we endeavor to control excesses in the immune response. We identify and deliver naturally derived compounds which can suppress the expression of various cytokines and signaling pathways of the immune cascade, thereby reducing inflammation and allowing the subsequent steps of healing to occur. This is a new avenue by which we believe we can have a profound impact on human health, especially in this time of severe pandemics.

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Fighting Inflammatory Diseases

Inflammation is complex and multi-dimensional process. Human tissue cells, as well as circulating immune cells, such as lymphocytes, directly and indirectly participate in the inflammatory process: directly by damaging invaders and infected tissue, and indirectly by releasing chemicals called cytokines. Pro-inflammatory cytokines function as signal amplifiers as well as weapons and increase the intensity of the host immune response. A cytokine storm occurs when there is disproportionate and unchecked release of cytokines in the body, and can result in tissue swelling, ischemia, destruction. Cytokine release is a major cause of COVID-19 morbidity and mortality, as inflammation in the lungs triggers acute respiratory distress syndrome. The inflammation triggered by COVID-19 is also believed to be the cause of other vital organ dysfunction and hypercoagulability. Our compounds show great promise, with robust anti-inflammatory effects, and provide encouragement and motivation in time of great uncertainty.

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Natural Compounds as Broad Spectrum Therapeutics

It is estimated that around half of current pharmaceutical drugs have been derived, directly or indirectly, from natural sources. Surveys suggest that the recent recrudescence of interest in herbal medicine and alternative medicine stems mainly from consumers’ interest in disease prevention and disappointment with allopathic medicine.

Natural compounds, especially flavonoids and terpenes extracted from plants have been known for centuries for their potent anti-oxidant properties.Flavonoids are part of the “defense” system of plants – metabolites that protect them against fungi, pests, and predators.

DeepSense has screened hundreds of flavonoids for their anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties using both advanced artificial intelligence methods as well as genetic sequencing to identify the molecules with the greatest potential as candidate drug compounds.  

Our research has focused on a subclass of flavonoids called polymethoxyflavones that come exclusively from certain citrus fruits. The identified natural compounds exhibit broad anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and anti-viral activities and have shown to be effective agaisnt a number of isease conditions both in vitro and in vivo.   



Our scientists have found that polymethoxylated flavones (PMFs) modulate a wide array of signaling pathways involved in the immune response, supporting their potential for use in the treatment of COVID-19 as well as many other infllammatory diseases.