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We are pioneering a new class of interventions.

Set to revolutionize the healthy aging segment in a sustainable way.

DeepSense Vision

We are creating a new class of medications, chronobiotics,  that is poised to change the course of aging for consumers and the medical community

Leveraging the power of natural products and their unique biological properties to support healthier lives is at core of what we do at DeepSense.

By combining the latest advances in biotechnology, organic chemistry and artificial intelligence we strive to find novel therapeutics which can help us ward off disease and live longer.

Our Values 

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Green & Sustainstable 

Extraction and purification of flavonoids has historically been an expensive and limited to smaller scale process. In order to fully leverage these very valuable compounds, new and efficient methods of extraction are necessary. 


DeepSense has developed strictly green and high throughput using purification methods which preserve the biological properties of the compounds. We are currently pursuing partnerships to support of large scale, high yield  high-tech agriculture based in the United States and countries with significant economic needs  

The DeepSense Team


Johan Brag

Chief Executive Officer


Victoria Vertesi

Chief Operating Officer


Shiming Li

Chief Scientific Officer


Brad Higgins



Jasmina Jankicevic

Chief Medical Officer

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