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Restoring Circadian Rhythm Could Be Key to Healthy Aging

All aspects of cellular physiological functions are orchestrated by the biological clock including; bioenergetic, neurologic & metabolic health.

Clock disruptions lead to oxidative stress, inflammation, and even microbiome alterations, that are linked to a myriad of health problems, including; Alzheimer’s Disease, metabolic syndrome, obesity, depression & more.

Restoring circadian function is a promising, and completely new approach to addressing a multitude of chronic conditions that ultimately promote healthy aging

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Bioflavonoids are an Essential Component of Healthy Aging

Citrus flavonoids, called “polymethoxyflavones” (PMFs), offer a broad range ofhealth promoting benefits, including:

Anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anticancer, antioxidant, neuroprotective and cardio-protective. Preventing metabolic disorders and preservation of cognitive performance

Scientists screening thousands of compounds for circadian activity, identified onlytwo compounds, PMFs, Nobiletin (NOB) & Tangeretin, (TAN) that directly regulate clock genes.

The therapeutic effects of flavonoids have been proven in a vast number of pre-clinical studies including murine disease models

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We use phenotypic high-throughput drug screens, also called chemical genetic or in vivo screens, to investigate the ability of individual compounds from a collection to inhibit a biological process or disease model in live cells or intact organisms. DeepSense is applying these methods to screen its compound libray for immuno-modulatory properties in specific diseases.

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optimizing bioavailability by prodrug design

Bioavailability of naturally extracted compounds such as flavonoids has remained poor, and limiting their use in humans.

Prodrug designs have recently emerged as favored approaches in the field of drug delivery, especially transepithelial drug delivery. A prodrug is a pharmacologically inactive derivative of an active drug that undergoes in vivo biotransformation to release the active drug. 

The DeepSense prodrugs have been optimized to achieve optimum physical and chemical properties in terms of membrane permeation, bioavailbility, and stability.

By means of rational design and computaional cehmistry algorithms, we have developed selective drug-delivery systems that can facilitate permeation of low molecular weight derivatives through epithelial tissue for topical and systemic delivery. 

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Research Areas

Bioactive phytochemicals, in particular flavonoids, are natural antioxidants shown to be highly effiective and less toxic than conventional chemical formulations  to prevent or treat inflammatory diseases (e.g. many cancers such liver cancer, melanoma or colon cancer, atherosclerosis, auto-immune diseases, viral and bacterial infections).

Autoinflammatory Diseases
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